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Trendolizer pro will tell you in real time which articles, images, videos or galleries are going viral on social media.

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About “Trendolizer Pro”


Who is it for

Who is it for?

Media organisations, news websites, agencies... who need to be up to date on the latest internet trends.

Apps, Twitter accounts, websites... that need to automatically show trending content around a topic

People or organisations needing statistics to compare the authors of one or more websites by the social media statistics of their articles

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How it works

How does it work?

Trendolizer extracts links to potentially interesting content from thousands of sources (including custom ones).

The title, description, language, type (image, video...), author and thumbnail are indexed.

At regular intervals it records the amount of likes, shares, comments, tweets, views... for each link.

The rate of likes/tweets/... per hour is calculated, along with averages and trend direction.

All this information can then be sorted, filtered, displayed and used on a customizable dashboard.
Api included

Api included

Build your own applications/widgets/sites with Trendolizer data using our JSON-based API

Use it to feed a website, Twitter account, Facebook page, widget, app...

Example: is 100% powered by the Trendolizer API,
it has no human editors at all...

“Trendolizer Pro” features:

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Trendolizer™ Pro is an engine, API and dashboard to find and track trending content based on statistics from Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and several video services like YouTube and Vimeo. The websites in the network are powered by the Trendolizer™ engine. Interested in testing or using Trendolizer™ Pro for your own purposes? Contact us!

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