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Every day Trendolizer automatically indexes hundreds of thousands of new links from thousands of sources on the internet and constantly measures their number of likes, tweets, pins, video views...

By comparing the numbers over time the current rate of increase per hour is calculated and stored.

All links tracked by Trendolizer can be searched and filtered by keyword, source(s), authors and several other properties.

The final output can be sorted in various ways (highest to lowest total likes, by current rate of increase, by tweet count…).

The end result is a live look at what is currently trending or about to trend on any topic and/or from any source on the web imaginable.


Research: quickly find out the most trending content matching certain keywords or from certain sources (national media, specialized niche websites, custom selections…). See what has been trending, what is currently trending and what is about to start trending.

Track sources: easily add new sites to be used as sources and track all new links that appear in them.. Support for RSS feeds, HTML-scraping, Facebook pages, sub(reddit) scanning and discovering links by scanning Twitter hashtags.

Alerts/Reports: be notified when items matching certain criteria pop up (videos with keyword X getting over Y views/hr which have less than Z likes on Facebook yet...). Get periodic updates by mail (yesterday's top stories about X...)

Autoposting: automatically post trending links about certain topics to a website (optionally including title, thumbnail, description…), for example a WordPress blog or any other site that supports the XML/RPC API. Can also be used to generate automatically updated ‘related content’ sections with the most trending articles about certain keywords.


Yes! Thanks for asking.

Want to include Trendolizer data about what is trending in your own app, website, widget or other program?

All information in Trendolizer can be extracted using an API that delivers JSON-formatted data for easy use with a variety of programming/scripting languages.

Example: is 100% powered by the Trendolizer API, it has no human editors at all...


  • Tracks likes, shares, comments, tweets, pins, video views, video votes and video comments over time (tweet counts tracked using OpenShareCount, supported video services include YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram, LiveLeak and Vidme).
  • Scans over 300.000 new links every day found via various on-line sources.
  • Add custom sources and group sources together in sets for easy results filtering
  • Support for different source types: RSS feeds, HTML scraping, Facebook pages, Twitter searches and subreddits
  • Filtering options: keyword(s), domain, author, source, discovery date, language or type (article, video, image...).
  • Sorting options: total number or rate of increase of likes/shares/...
  • “Hotness” filter/sort option to catch fresh content just starting to trend.
  • Visualize trends using detailed graphs showing trend numbers and (average) rates over time.
  • Find trending articles by the same author(s).
  • Get alerted by email whenever links match certain criteria (minimum/maximum likes/tweets/rate of increase..., keywords, source...).

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